Zoran Selected RoxioNow for Connected TV Processor

  • Posted on: 18 May 2010
  • By: chw staff

Zoran has selected Sonic Solution RoxioNow entertainment for it new advanced SupraHD TV processor reference design.  The integration of RoxioNow on the SupraHD TV chip is to allow TV manufacturers to make televisions that will integrate into today’s connected homes.  When connected to other devices, televisions using the SupraHD TV processor will be able to stream different digital content to and from their TVs.

The collaboration between Zoran and Sonic Solution is part of a general trend where software developers are working with device and processor manufacturer to offer and already integrated solution.  Collaboration like these allows manufacturer to get their device to market faster. “Zoran-enabled HDTVs will now have streaming access to thousands of additional titles from the world’s leading movie studios and content providers,” said Ram Ofir, Senior Vice President at Zoran.

The other winner to these types of partnerships is the consumer.  They are able to buy appliances that have all the features they need in the same box. “Consumer demand for internet services on HDTVs continues to grow exponentially;” added Ram “Including services powered by RoxioNow on our worldwide HDTV processor platform is a welcome milestone in our internet strategy.”

The RoxioNow platform is able to serve a wide variety of digital content across a variety of devices, such as Smartphones, set-top DVRs, mobile media devices, Blu-ray Disc players, PCs, and Connected TVs.  The RoxioNow platform has been used by content developers and others like Best Buy, Lionsgate and Blockbuster to deliver digital entertainment solutions.