Enspert Adds Connected Devices to IDENTITY Mobile TV Service

  • Posted on: 10 January 2011
  • By: chw staff

The Enspert IDENTITY Mobile TV solution is about to be boosted with additional connected devices.  Enspert demonstrated range of mobile TV solution at last week’s CE Show in Las Vegas. According to Enspert the new line of devices that are coming out this year were designed to reflect the way we work and live. Developed on the open-source Android operating system the new range include VoIP and SoIP systems, including smartphones, multi-device media convergence hubs and mobile hotspots.

According to Enspert’s CEO,  Chang-Seok Lee, they are positioning themselves to take advantage of the predicted growth in mobile TV services for this year - 2011. He highlighted the possible 40% growth in mobile TV services as a result of the twelve network alliance which include Fox, ION television and NBC.

The new mobile solutions suite consists of a mobile TV reception chipset, Android tablet player and mobile TV router, which receives and transmits mobile signals via Wi-Fi, allowing other devices not equipped with ASTC-M/H reception chip to display in ATSC-M/H format. They will also support ATSC-M/H, the North America’s mobile TV standard, along with ISDC-T (1-Seg) for Japan, Brazil and South America; T-DMB and DAB for Korea and Europe.