Evoz Adds Big Data Analysis To Baby Monitoring

  • Posted on: 28 January 2014
  • By: chw staff

With $900k in seed funding and not comfortable with just providing baby monitoring solutions, Evoz has set its sights on the bigger connected home market. Today the company announced plans to expand in this space through partnership with hardware manufacturers such as Belkin and telecom provider British Telecom (BT). Evoz said, the uniqueness of their platform mean they can offer smarter connected solutions.

According the Evoz, unlike the other connected devices on the market their position and platform allow them to offer more value to its customer.  One of the key benefits of the platform is its ability to collect and analyse data.

With special processing algorithms, Evox allows you to configure it so that you can receive smart alerts when your child cries or automatically record a “hidden moment” clip of a cute event.  They also want to take home monitoring devices beyond the simple connect and monitor, to a level where they can do more, based on triggered events.

A milestone for is its partnership with BT, according to them the next generation of BT connected home devices will be powered by the Evoz platform.  Evoz' unique business model places an emphasis on building out its cloud-data aggregation services to provide comprehensive functionality by allowing for data-enabled personalized services to hardware providers, thus their partnership with Belkin and others.