GE Offers Brillion Connected Home Solutions

  • Posted on: 12 March 2012
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

GE LogoWith an already establish line of smart grid aware home appliances GE has launch a new set of energy management solutions.  Based on the Brillion range of products, the new “Whole-Home Sensor”, “Smart Plug Control” and “Brillion Programmable Thermostat” will assist homes in monitoring and managing their energy use.  The different devices will work with GE’s Nucleus energy manager to give near real time energy information.

 Whole-Home Sensor
The Brillion range now offers a whole-home energy management solution. It includes: Dishwasher, Ovens, Clothes Wahser and Dryer, Refrigerator, Water Heater and Thermostat.  By having these and other appliances in the home using the smart-plug and sensor, home owners will be able to use the GE in-home energy display a laptop and smartphone to monitor their energy use.
Nucleus energy managerThe Nucleus energy manager act as the hub for all the information gathering. According to GE from the solution homeowners get insight into their electricity costs before the bill arrives. Users get feedback on electricity-intensive activities and are able to quantify energy saving efforts.  With the nucleus software on your iPhone or laptop you can manage the thermostat to change temperature and operating modes.

Nucleus energy manager connects the in-home smart energy network directly to a PC through an Ethernet connection or through an internet broadband router (cable-modem, DSL-modem, wireless (802.11), etc.). It communicates with the smart meter, Sensor and smart-plug using ZigBee wireless technology.
“We … envision a day when these devices and appliances will communicate not just to the utility or to the consumer, but with each other for optimal consumer convenience and efficiency. At GE, we are developing the technologies that enable consumers to begin building their smart homes today,” said William Paul, product manager, home energy, GE Appliances.