Increase Grid Efficiency With Awesense New Smart Grid Analytics Tool

  • Posted on: 13 January 2014
  • By: chw staff

Due to electricity distribution lost and theft utilities worldwide are losing  approximately $100 US Billion each year, and this increases by about 2.5% per year. Utility solutions provider Awesense, think they have a solution that will help utilities to reduce their power lost, with the launch of a new smart grid analytics solution called True Grid Insight (TGI).

The aging infrastructure of some utilities is finding difficult to cope with the stresses caused by new distribution generation and new customer system such as electric vehicle charging.  Thus, many are facing increase risk and are experiencing disruption.  TGI is an intelligent solution that helps solve these problems while leading to increased grid efficiency and public safely.

“Utilities have made huge investments in smart meters and smart substations. These systems, however, cannot easily address the fact that about 90% of losses and 70% of theft occurs between the substation and the smart meter.  TGI gives customers visibility into their grid and provides true insights which help develop and execute long-term energy strategies that will improve overall business performance.”

Using Awesense’s field-proven SenseNET system to easily and quickly collect additional data from the live distribution lines, TGI offers true insights into the actual operating conditions of transformers and other assets while pinpointing theft.  TGI helps optimize the placement of permanent sensors where justified, based on an assessment of highest exposure to risk, and provides actionable recommendations to mitigate those risks.