INSTEON Releases Special Windows Phone Apps

  • Posted on: 16 May 2014
  • By: chw staff

One of the Achilles of the Windows platform in the connected home is the lack of support especially on the Windows phone platform. An app for the Windows phone seems to be an afterthought for connected home solutions providers. Well, this is about to change because Insteon one of the market leading home automation suppliers, has release Apps some windows based apps to manage and control Insteon devices.


Developed for the Windows 8.1 PC and Windows Phone 8 devices, with exclusive features. Now Insteon users will be able to set up lighting scenes, schedule lights and monitor their homes via wireless cameras from their windows mobile devices.

The release of the Apps has indicated a strong relationship between Microsoft and Insteon. Because, in addition to the standard control and monitoring feature Insteon has added exclusive app feature especially for the Windows platform.

Microsoft will also make its entry into the connected home device market by selling Insteon based connected home products via its website. Available on the Microsoft store are the three kits (Starter kit, Home kit and Business kit) and five standalone devices (Leak Senor, Open/close Sensor, wireless Wi-Fi Camera, LED Bulb and On/Off Module).

Insteon uses the existing Powerline and RF (Radio Frequency) to network its devices. This eliminates the need for custom wiring and ensures the every device is always connected. With the Apps for remote control and automation of everything from home automation to lighting, Insteon's network and devices allow you to manage your home from varying devices. Using a combination of kit and modules, you can receive instant alerts to your mobile device when the doors or windows open or closed or if there is a water leak.

Windows-exclusive Insteon app features

In addition to taking full advantage of the bold design and dynamic interface experience Windows 8.1 provides, Insteon has included new features to this app release that are exclusive to the Windows platform, including:

  • Visitor Mode – provides restricted access to children or guests in your home
  • Live Tiles – get status on multiple devices directly on your Windows 8.1 Start screen (not currently available on Windows Phone 8)
  • Enhanced Camera Support – view multiple cameras at once, view full-screen, and camera support without the need of an Insteon Hub
  • Multi-House Support – enables you to control multiple homes or businesses from a single account
  • Dashboard View – a quick and organized view of the status of your home