Introducing Tado, The Smart Home Thermostat

  • Posted on: 14 November 2012
  • By: chw staff

tadoTechnology startup Tado has launched its internet-connected home thermostat. The now device is operated by an app on your smartphone and reacts to the weather forecasts to change your indoor climate.  You home heating system is connected to Tado via the app on our phone and unlike traditional thermostats; Tado does not have knobs, buttons, or even a display.

Tado adjusts to your behaviour in real time while taking current weather data and building characteristics into account. It can save energy by turning down the heating or AC when the last person has left the house - without anyone having to lift a finger. Tado is back by platform partners such as Samsung, Miele and EnBW.
The Tado system uses Thingsquare Mist to connect the tado thermostats to the Internet. "By choosing Thingsquare Mist, we were able to develop an Internet-connected product in a surprisingly short amount of time", said Tado co-founder and CTO Johannes Schwarz.

Being Internet-connected, Tado thermostats use a range of energy-saving features that keeps on improving as the number of Tado installations increase. In a pilot study, tado users have already saved up to 30% on their heating bills. "The Tado system leads the way for a new generation of Internet-connected consumer products, often called the Internet of Things", said Thingsquare co-founder Adam Dunkels.

Tado Smart Thermostat Feature

Automatic absence and presence detection: With the geo-aware app, tado automatically adjusts the temperature based on your location. It senses when the last resident leaves the house and turns down the heat. Just before the first person arrives home, tado pre-heats so that your home is already warm and comfortable.

Integration of weather forecasts: This feature further increases efficiency and comfort at home. If for example the sun is going to shine during the day, tado will automatically take this information into account and heat on a lower setting.

Learning of individual building characteristics: tado quickly learns to respond to the particular heating properties of your home which are influenced by factors such as its insulation and window surface area. This allows it to reach the desired temperature even more efficiently.

Hot Water control: Did you know that hot water production can account for about 21% of your total heating bill? With the tado Smart Thermostat you can also control your hot water. You can easily set a schedule or let tado° take control.

tado Care: Have you ever had the unpleasant autumn surprise of a non-functional heating system? Not with the new tado service. It prevents your heating system from breakdowns and offers you immediate help in case of malfunctions.

Report: With the report in the mobile or web app you can always keep an eye on how tado works for you.

Source: tado