Lantiq Introduces XWAY HNX Family of ITU-T Chips

  • Posted on: 23 January 2011
  • By: chw staff

Lantiq, a chip manufacturer for broadband and home networking solutions has develop a family of chips supporting the ITU-T (International Telecommunication Union) standard.  The new Lantiq XWAY HNX (comprises of XWAY STREAM, XWAY HARMONY, XWAY PROBE and XWAY PATH FINDER) has been developed for manufacturers of smart home systems using any combination of cable, phone and power wiring.

The standard defines technology to provide network connectivity across all common in-home wiring with data rates as high as 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps). Develop with an understanding of Lantiq XWAY HNX chips can be used in standalone node applications or as part of multi-service platforms.

The company see becoming a de facto standard for residential gateways, consumer electronics devices, personal computers and Internet-connected smart home devices. They think service providers will see significant cost saving  in installation and operations when rolling out new devices because of plug-and-play which will result in greater device connectivity.

"In Lantiq's vision for connectivity in the digital home, we see standards-based wire line and wireless technologies working as one single network to provide the best possible Quality of Service, reach and flexibility throughout a household," said Christian Wolff, CEO of Lantiq. "From day one we are delivering solutions that will integrate seamlessly in a hybrid network infrastructure. The XWAY HNX family also includes Lantiq-exclusive technologies for optimal QoS and overall in-home network performance."

The Lantiq XWAY HNX family incorporates four exclusive-to-Lantiq technologies designed to improve the broadband services model for providers.

  • Lantiq XWAY STREAM (LXS): A Lantiq innovation designed to provide "end-to-end carrier-grade QoS over Anything" (including, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, DSL and PON). It allows service providers to pick and choose which services and applications receive the highest priority inside both the access and home networks.
  • Lantiq XWAY HARMONY (LXH): Spectrum management technology that maximizes performance of VDSL and networks operating side-by-side.
  • Lantiq XWAY PROBE (LXP): Delivers real-time diagnostic information about subscribers' home networks that lets service providers optimize performance even in highly complex subscriber environments.
  • Lantiq XWAY PATH FINDER (LXF): Provides automatic path selection across the home network, using real-time link quality information to choose the optimal communication path (802.11n, wired Ethernet,, etc.) and dynamically avoid line noise that creates network bottlenecks.

Lantiq will be taking orders, which include A Powerline Networking Evaluation Kit, including full documentation, Linux software and drivers, starting the end of this month.