The Latest on Apple HomeKit

  • Posted on: 24 January 2015
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

Since CES the news have been buzzing about Apple’s HomeKit framework and its possible connectivity issues with other connected home solutions.  First the headline was, if users don’t have Apple TV then they won’t be able to use Siri voice control with their other connected appliances.  And now, the news is if users other connected devices are not Apple MFi certified they will have limited are no access at all or devices that are not certified can connect via a HomeKit compatible bridge solution.

It’s all a little confusing because Homekit has not been officially launched yet. However, according to 9to5 Mac, most devices will get some form of access but those that are MFi certified stand to offer a better user experience.

“HomeKit will primarily focus on newly-released Wi-Fi and Bluetooth accessories that have been certified by Apple and built with the HomeKit protocol to directly connect to iOS devices.” according to the 9to5 Mac site.

I did pointed out before that Broadcom is one of the HomeKit chip partners; therefore device manufacturers and even platform developers would benefit by getting involve now. To see what is required to become certified.

The other option for connectivity is the bridge which will facilitate communication between those devices and solutions that use other protocol such as Zigbee, Z-wave, DECT ULE and Bluetooth Low Energy.

The bridge will talk to Apple HomeKit with the Homekit protocol and other devices via a whichever protocol they use.

It has also been confirmed that using Siri voice control via the internet will need to have Apple TV as part of your home network; devices connected to your connected home network will also be controllable remotely.

The underlining message is get MFi certified or be compatible with a bridge solution.