Lenovo Creates Digital home and Mobile Internet Business Unit

  • Posted on: 21 January 2011
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

Lenovo has announced the creation of a separate business unit that will cater for the Digital home and Mobile internet solutions. The new unit is called the Mobile Internet and Digital Dome division, and will also responsible for newly formed categories such as smart TV,  cloud computing  and the digital home, as well as the applications and services that will run on the devices.

Since this month’s CE Show many companies have seen the potential in connected home and where the sector is going. Other companies like Amazon and Virgin Media; Amazon has also created a connected home store front to make it easier for customers needing solutions to find them one place. I think this is the beginning of thing to come and that more business especialy ratailers will be creating similar business division.

According to Yang Yuanqing, chief executive at Lenovo, "The Mobile Internet and Digital Home Business Group will help us leverage our leadership in the PC arena to create a rich portfolio of internet-centric devices. At the same time, we'll use our creativity, innovation and technical prowess to help our customers navigate the future of personal technology worldwide.”