LG Releases First Smart Grid-Ready Refrigerator (DIOS)

  • Posted on: 19 April 2011
  • By: Patrick Oliphant


LG has finally release one of its smart grid aware appliance from the LG THING range. The DIOS as it is called was debuted at this year’s CE Show in Las Vegas. For homes that are connected to the grid the grid-ready refrigerator will connect to the web to get software update. Other features include: Its ability to keep track of daily schedules and dispenses regular weather reports, and instead of having to jot notes on sticky memos, family members can turn the fridge’s LCD screen into a note pad to leave messages for each another. Other smart appliances left to release are ovens, washing machines and microwave. According to LG the refrigerator will conserve energy during peak hours; if the door is left open for long it will alert the user.  The appliances will also allow you to communicate with them via a Tablet, PC or smartphone to check content.

lg refrigerator

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