LG THINQ Sets The Lead For Smart Home Appliances

  • Posted on: 17 January 2011
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

A CES this month LG demonstrated its THINQ Line of smart home appliances; they are smart grid aware, offer smart diagnosis, food management, smart access and smart adapt.  The LG THINQ range which includes refrigerators, ovens, washing machines and robotic vacuum cleaners allow homeowners to manage them through a smart Network.  They also help users to make smart decisions about energy use when they to use these THINQ appliances.

Smart home appliance has been around for sometime therefore on the surface of it THINQ is not new idea. Up until the debut of THINQ different consumer electronic manufactures have release smart home appliance.  What I think differentiate LG THINQ from the others is, it gone a bit further to offer more; in terms of information, convenience and connectivity.

Being Grid aware the appliances act in unison to same and conserve on energy, which in tern same use money.  They use ‘recommend time’ and ‘lowest rate’ options to help users to choose the most cost effective time to use the washing machine.  The washing machines also access the Smart Grid to offer varying cost options that take into account the duration and electrical cost involve.

The refrigerators and ovens are also cost aware, which allow them to behave in ways to same energy and money. The refrigerator conserves on energy during peak time and store when electric cost is low. If fridge door is left open it alerts the who ever is near; LG said future models will be able to alert you via wireless through your phone or tablet PC.

The THINQ smart access feature allows you via a Tablet or smartphone to access these smart appliances to check the content and temperature of the refrigerator or the check on what is in the oven. Instruction can be sent to the robotic vacuum cleaner to clean up.

Through their intelligent diagnostic capability they are able to give more information to service personnel. THINQ smart adapt allows you to instruct the devices to download software update which can include washing cycles, pre-programmed recipes. In addition there is drag and drop icons and voice recognition function to help make food management easier.