Luxul Wireless & Control4 in Pro-WAV Distribution Deal

  • Posted on: 9 September 2009
  • By: chw staff

Pro-WAV-120Conrol4 has agreed with Luxul Wireless, a developer of high-performance wireless signal propagation technologies, to promote and distribute Pro-WAV™ solutions to its nationwide dealer network.  Pro-WAV from Luxul Wireless are designed designed to efficiently expand the coverage area and improve overall network performance, by enabling a single access point to provide complete "whole-home" 802.11 Wi-Fi coverage.

By integrating Pro-WAV products with Control4 home automation solutions will extend the wireless network efficiently by up to 400%. This means that a home of up to 10,000s/f can achieve whole-home Wi-Fi coverage using a single wireless access point (WAP), where traditionally an average of 5 WAPs has been required. This allows for considerable savings in equipment and installation, while delivering significant technical and functional benefits. One such benefit is the operation of Control4 Portable Touch Screens, which function seamlessly throughout the entire home when deployed with a single access point providing Whole-Home Wi-Fi coverage.
According to Paul Nagel, Vice President of Strategic Development for Control4, "It makes sense to offer Luxul Wireless to our users as a high-performance addition. A reliable and robust wireless network that delivers whole-home coverage is a critical component of a successful Control4 implementation,"

The Pro-WAV products are ideal for wireless home automation environments and engineered for easy implementation. Pro-WAV products available through Control4 are FCC certified and include everything necessary to deliver complete "whole-home" 802.11 Wi-Fi network coverage.

Pro-WAV solutions implement patented digital signal boosting technologies and advanced circular polarization signal technology called Clear-WAV™. Together, these technologies deliver increased signal penetration, range and clarity -- outperforming traditional signal technologies.