Mac Home Automation Server Indigo 5.0 Ships With Python-based Plugin API

  • Posted on: 18 November 2011
  • By: chw staff

Mac-based home automation software provider Perceptive Automation today announces the release of Indigo 5. New with this update is a Python-based Plugin API that allows Independent Software Vendors (ISV) to create native device types, trigger events and actions which are fully integrated into the Indigo User Interface and server.

Indigo comes with a built-in Web server and client/server architecture that allow you access and control appliances, such as lights, thermostats, appliances, lawn sprinklers and AC remotely from other Macs, PCs, tablets and smartphones. There is also Indigo Touch the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that allows easy remote control of your home (inside and out).

Now with version 5 update developers have to freedom create and enhance users’ experience with more features. Perceptive said, “Indigo is the first Mac home automation software to provide developers with a clearly documented and thorough plugin mechanism. Plugins are sandboxed to help ensure that no single plugin can interfere with the operation of the server.”

A new Python-based scripting environment has also been added, so ”Indigo Pro users will have access to a much wider range of devices and data integrations without the need for us to release a new version of Indigo for each new technology," said Matt Bendiksen.

Indigo 5 includes several plugins, such as:

  • Support for EasyDAQ relay devices
  • Control of DIRECTV DVRs via simple Indigo actions
  • Native support for iTunes(R) which allows Indigo to control any number of iTunes servers
  • Weather data integration via NOAA and the popular WeatherSnoop(TM) application, providing support for personal weather station hardware as well as WeatherUnderground

Pricing and Availability:
Both Indigo 5 Pro and lite are available online though Perceptive Automation for $179.95 and $89.95. An upgrade discount is available to Owners of previous versions. For those who want to test by they buy there is a Indigo 5 Pro 30 day evaluation that runs on Mac OS X 10.5 or greater.
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