CyWee PC Gaming Wireless and Motion Sensing Technology

  • Posted on: 18 January 2010
  • By: chw staff

CyWee ControllerAt this year’s Consumer Electronic show CyWee announced the release of its new wireless and motion sensing technology. They are the CyWee Z wireless 3D Game Controller, the CyWee Media Browser and the CyWee X wireless HDMI Gateway. All system comes with first of its king features.

The CyWee Z Wireless 3D Game Controller operates as a 3D Mouse and a game controller that senses motion in three dimensions.  The CyWee Controller can transform into different shapes, making the gaming experience more real and interactive.  It is also a first of its kind "two-axis gyroscope that allows a true one-to- one response for any body movement, enhanced by a three-axis accelerometer".

The other CyWee technology is an ‘intuitive gesture’ media browser.  With it you can search and organise your photos, music and videos on your PC, you can even browse the internet using its intuitive gesture technology. One strength of the Media Brower according to CyWee is “its ability to sift through vast quantities of media content and find the digital needle in a haystack”.

Also Coming soon (first quarter of this year) is the CyWee X Wireless HDMI Gateway. Using Wi-Fi technology the CyWee X Gateway can stream cable, mobile and internet at 1080p resolution.  Unhindered the CyWee X Gateway offer real-time, low-latency video transmission between your PC an TV, which is essential for gaming.