New Powerline Networking Solution from Plaster Networks

  • Posted on: 22 October 2009
  • By: chw staff

Plaster Networks announced availability of a new networking solution for delivering music, videos, and other multimedia content using existing electrical wiring within the home. In response to the growth of streaming video, IPTV, and over-the-top (OTT) applications, Plaster Networks offers a reliable alternative to wireless networks, and is more cost-effective than installing Ethernet cables in the walls.

Plaster Networks delivers the first solution that combines intelligent powerline adapters with a web-based service for remotely managing and configuring the home network. The Plaster Networks solution also includes powerline isolators that can filter unwanted noise, improving network reliability and performance.

“Home networks are quickly transitioning from computer applications such as web surfing and e-mail to broadband entertainment applications including video, music, and online gaming,” said Jeff Scroggin, CEO of Plaster Networks. “By integrating advanced management and configuration into the Plaster Networks PLN3 adapters, our goal is to make powerline networking a reliable solution that delivers uninterrupted broadband connectivity within existing homes, without the expense of installing dedicated network cables.”

Combined with Plaster Networks Service, the company’s PLN3 powerline adapters allow users to see the throughput capacity of their powerline network instantly through a standard browser. The Service provides an easy way to verify the status of the network. And in many cases the Service can help identify where to install Plaster Networks isolators to optimize performance.

Based on the HomePlug AV standard, Plaster Networks PLN3 powerline adapters deliver up to 200Mbps PHY rates (with equivalent Ethernet rates reaching 100Mbps). HomePlug AV provides a convenient and cost effective method of distributing multimedia content in the home without new wires.

“Plaster Networks brings a new level of functionality to powerline networking by combining Intellon’s 6400 IC HomePlug AV Chipset Solution with a dedicated network processor for management and diagnostics,” said Rick E. Furtney, President and COO of Intellon Corporation. “We are delighted that Plaster Networks selected our latest HomePlug AV chipset for this innovative solution for delivering a reliable broadband network within the home.”

Plaster Networks PLN3 Ethernet adapters are available in the U.S. through the Plaster Networks website ( at $149.95 for a set of two. For a limited time, Plaster Networks is offering one year’s free subscription to Plaster Networks Service (including software updates).

About Plaster Networks
Plaster Networks enables simple, reliable networking over existing wiring. The company develops advanced hardware and software technologies for low-cost, high speed powerline networks in the home or small office. Plaster Networks was founded by Paul Baran, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur widely known as the inventor of packet switching, the foundation technology for the Internet. For more information, please visit