PacketVideo Released TwonkyBeam Update for Firefox and Apple Mac

  • Posted on: 5 May 2010
  • By: chw staff

PacketVideo has released an update to its popular connected home tool TwonkyBeam.  The new version 1.1 is to allow customers with Firefox browser and Apple Mac computer to get the same benefit that was available only to customers with PC and Internet Explorer. TwonkyBeam tool allows user to beam media content from popular Social Media websites such as YouTube, and Flickr to connected devices throughout the home.

If you would like to try TwonkyBeam it is available as  download from, and will take less than a minute to install.  Once installed, you can beam your content to your desired media in three simple steps a) select the media b) select the player c) then press play.

How Does TwonkyBeam Work
TwonkyBeam works by connecting your PC or Mac to all the compatible media players in your home whether it’s your television, digital photo frames or Hi-Fi system. see TwonkyBeam Video

Enhancements In TwonkyBeam version 1.1:

  • Firefox Support -- TwonkyBeam now runs on the popular Firefox Web browser from Mozilla.
  • Runs on Macintosh(R) -- TwonkyBeam now runs on Apple(R) Macintosh computers running OS X and the Firefox Web browser.
  • Improved YouTube Support -- TwonkyBeam now supports more high definition YouTube videos, beaming the highest resolution video available on YouTube pages. When HD video is unavailable, TwonkyBeam automatically selects the next highest quality level for streaming to devices.
  • Enhanced Device Support -- TwonkyBeam now works better than ever with an expanded number of devices such as Yamaha MusicCAST2 wireless multi-room music systems, and hundreds more.
  • Improved Compatibility with PlugPlayer -- Users can now beam music from sites such as to PlugPlayer running on an iPhone(R).
  • Expanded Device List -- PV has significantly expanded the number of devices listed on its TwonkyBeam "Need a Device" page, including new Sony(R) Bravia(R) TVs, Denon devices and many others.
  • Device Renaming -- Users can now change the name of a device by simply right clicking on its icon within the TwonkyBeam interface.
  • Better Device Discovery -- Discovery of devices on wireless networks is now more reliable than ever with TwonkyBeam version 1.1.
  • Better Local Media Playback -- When TwonkyMedia(TM) server is used in conjunction with TwonkyBeam, users can now play all of the songs from an album directly from the TwonkyMedia server browser page.

Compatible devices include Loewe HDTVs, Sony Bravia, and, SAMSUNG as well as networked stereo receivers from Denon and Pioneer. Consumers can also purchase a low cost digital media adapter from Linksys, Phillips, Yamaha, or other providers to use with the gear they already have at home. TwonkyBeam also works with other software products, including PV's popular TwonkyMedia manager application.