Schneider Electric Launches Wiser Home Control

  • Posted on: 15 January 2010
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

schneider wiserThe new Wiser connected home control solution will allow household to interlink multimedia, television and electric into one user friendly solution.  Wiser allows you connect your home security, audiovisual, irrigation system, air conditioning, lighting control, motorized blinds and much man will be integrated into one solution that can be access from a user panel within the home and from anywhere via a 3G enabled devices.

The Wiser Home Control offers a programmable core, so that you can manage the utilities in your home to match your lifestyle. “We have seen tremendous interest for a home control solution that can adapt to individual lifestyles, while improving and reducing energy use,” said Tony Gentile of Schneider.

For easy and intuitive processing, Wiser offers a consistent user interface across the different control devices, whether it’s a handheld device or computer.

wiser home control

There is also versatility in how you can access and monitor your home system via the Wiser; you can through a mobile phone or computer once there is internet access.

Overall the Wiser Home Control takes us a bit closer to better manage the energy we use. It offers an easy way to integrate our appliances and plan our energy use around our lifestyle; only using energy when we need it.