Swisscom to Launch "Smart Living" Home Monitoring and Automation Services

  • Posted on: 16 November 2011
  • By: chw staff

icontrolLike Verizon and Rogers Cable, Swisscom is planning to offer a home automation and monitoring service to its Swiss customers.  They have teamed up with iControl Networks, the provider of the OpenHome platform to develop the “Smart Living” solution for the Swiss and European markets. Both companies said through the Smart Living platform customers will be to stay connected with their home when away and be able to control home electrical appliances.

Earlier this year Virizon launched the ‘Verizon Home Monitoring and Control Service’ and iControl helped Rogers Cable of Canada launched ‘Smart Home Monitoring’ service. Swisscom said they are hoping to launch a similar service next year for the European market, on a retail and wholesale basis.

The company said “In the future, with Smart Living, a home heating system will be controlled easily with a smartphone, from anywhere and at any time. At the same time, lights can be turned off or an oven preheated”. The Smart Living platform will be connected to motion detectors as well as door and window sensors that when an alarm is triggered it can inform the home owner and if needed a security control centre.

Initially Swisscom will offer a basic service that includes a base station for Internet connection, wireless sensors and other devices such as a wireless stick with energy module, door contacts, motion sensors and a webcam. Additional sensors and warning devices for smoke or water will be available as options.

According to Swisscom’s CEO Dieter Bernauer, they would like to offer more than the basic service and that they are looking at a connected health service through the Smart Living platform.  Smart Living will include tools to help look the elderly or others in need of care. “With these products, it will be possible to link delivery and care services, as well as medical devices, to one another via the Swisscom application,” said Bernauer.