Technology Fears Driving Demand for Support Services

  • Posted on: 16 April 2014
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

Research done by Parks Associates found that over 50 per cent of North American tablet and smartphone users are interested in paying for support services that will protect them from software virus, identity theft and loss, despite only a small percentage experiencing these problems.  Titled “The Evolution of Tech Support: Trends and Outlook”, the study looks at the changing dynamics of the tech support market.

"Even though consumers encounter a wide range of problems with smartphones and tablets, they show highest interest in receiving support services that protect and secure their devices," said Patrice Samuels, research analyst, Parks Associates. "For example, 55% of smartphone owners want a service that protects their device from viruses and identity theft, and approximately 50% want a service that repairs or replaces their device if accidentally damaged, even though short battery life and establishing a network connection are the most common problems experienced."

The Internet of Things is also gaining traction within the home, Parks Associates thinks over 40 per cent of North American broadband homes are likely to buy a smoke/fire detector that can be managed or monitored remotely.  Another, “25 per cent are interested in connected motion sensors and smart thermostats”.

"As consumers adopt new categories of devices, including home automation and home monitoring devices, new support opportunities emerge. Successful premium support services will take a comprehensive approach to address consumer needs and help consumers get the most out of their devices, “said Samuels.

Parks Associates believe that support providers should invest in automation solution that can address remote technical issues, e.g., solutions that are compliant with TR-069 protocol for CPE.  “Emphasizing security-related support offerings when selling or marketing support will also be a key strategy going forward.”

Parks Associates will examine the role of tech support at CONNECTIONS: The Premier Connected Home Conference, May 13-15, in San Francisco. The conference features the session "Tech Support: Connected Home Strategies and