Trident Unveils Fusion HiDTV the First Intergrated 240Hz Digital TV SoC for Android

  • Posted on: 18 August 2011
  • By: admin

Trident Microsystems, today unveils the world's first integrated 240 Hz digital TV SoC (System-on-Chip) for Android-Based smart televisions. The chip is due for commercial release in the first quarter of 2012, will help digital televisions to offer a more immersive entertainment experience. The new solution comes with an HDMI 1.4a receiver and high speed ADCs to support up to 1080p digital and analog video inputs integrated.

According to Trident, this new Fusion HiDTV family of digital TV SoCs is design for the next generation of Smart-TVs with 200/240Hz video frame rate capabilities running on the Android platform. With televisions getting bigger and a demand for better quality pictures, Trident believes the higher refresh rates of 240Hz TVs deliver significantly better picture quality.

Fusion HiDTV also integrates multiple CPUs along with Trident's patented MEMC technology to deliver outstanding picture quality, OpenGL 2.0 3D graphics capabilities, Android OS support, and the ability to display to 21:9 screens for a true cinematic experience.  The higher refresh rates of 240Hz TVs deliver significantly better picture quality, particularly in larger screen TVs, and 240Hz is also an essential element for delivering quality 3D content.

With connected TV predicted to represent 43% of worldwide market share by 2014*, Trident is positioning itself to become a leading component supplier. "We believe that the Fusion HiDTV family will fuel our growth in the highly connected Smart TV market segments with its outstanding CPU and graphics performance, superior picture quality, 3D performance and 21:9 cinemascope viewing ability," said Dr. Bami Bastani, CEO and President of Trident.

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