UK Connected Home Market Could Worth £3bn Per Year

  • Posted on: 2 December 2011
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

The UK’s technology trade association Intellect has published a report in which it predicts the UK’s connected home market could worth £3bn a year within the next five years. The report entitled “Connected Home – a Reality” looks at elements of the connected home and offers guidance on making it a reality for everyone.

They see the way people live and behave in their home changing from passive to active. Intellect suggested that we will interact more with our televisions and extending this interaction to the smart phone, laptop and tablets, while enjoying the same content.

The roll-out of smart meters is one part of achieving the connected home but through the use of smart meters home owners will be better able to manage their energy use. The report highlighted the need for privacy of data to prevent identity theft, because homes will be sending data to the different agencies.

Intellect also predict that 25 per cent of the UK population who suffer from long term illnesses could see their lives improve through the use of smart telehealth and telecare services. They suggested that the UK health services could see savings of £1billion annually to the health budget.

The Intellect sees having a fast and reliable broadband and home network as one of the major challenges to the connected home. They pointed out that of the 26.2 million homes in the UK “just over half have a wireless router providing a basic Wi-Fi network. A further 20% have a wired Internet connection but 30% have no connection at all”.  Intellect said that by adding a network during construction of new home could add 0.2-0.4% to the price of the property.

They suggested that putting a framework together that keeps the consumer at the centre and involves all parties as the answer.

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