Universal Electronics Launches the Comfort Family of Connected Thermostats

  • Posted on: 16 February 2021
  • By: chw staff

Universal Electronics launches the UEI Comfort family of connected thermostats designed to simplify installation, daily use and ongoing support of climate control in residential, commercial and hospitality applications.  The first product in the UEI Comfort family will be available to OEMs in the second half of this year with a version designed for the hospitality industry to follow later in the year. These thermostats offer advanced capabilities in a compact design with a vibrant large color display that hosts an extremely intuitive graphical interface combined with supportive physical controls for quick access to common features.


The UEI Comfort line is a first-of-a-kind, ambient-aware connected thermostat. It has a wide range of built-in sensing capabilities to make the device truly intelligent and aware of the environment including temperature, humidity and CO2, as well as a new generation of occupancy sensing technology to optimize comfort and reduce energy costs.

The UEI Comfort line is built with QuickSet Widget, UEI’s turnkey connectivity solution, making it a cloud native design including Universail’s latest device management and lifecycle support offerings through QuickSet Cloud, which simplifies setup and control, and allows interoperability with a variety of smart home devices and ecosystems. The UEI Comfort line includes all the necessary connectivity technologies to address the evolving smart home, including seamless connection to the cloud over Wi-Fi and local devices over Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee and Infrared.

The UEI Comfort line’s sensing capabilities and interoperability with other connected devices and ecosystems delivers on a simplified smart home promise. Users can control the temperature through Alexa, Google or SmartThings enabled devices, and the UEI Comfort line can provide temperature and sensing data to other connected devices such as home automation systems and smart lights.

The UEI Comfort line comes with the new UEI Virtual Agent built in to address ongoing support needs for connected products. UEI Virtual Agent provides a complete support framework for connected devices, including guided setup and onboarding, feature discovery and troubleshooting.

“The Comfort family of connected thermostats is helpful by design in every detail. These products are designed to save energy without compromising comfort,” said Arsham Hatambeiki, Senior Vice President of Products and Technology at UEI. “With the full lifecycle of connected products in mind, ongoing support is built in from the start including the UEI Virtual Agent to help you get the most out of the product, and interoperability with other home devices powered by QuickSet Cloud. The UEI Comfort line is another example of UEI’s leadership in providing user-centric solutions to smart home challenges."