Why The Connected Home Is The Next Digital Frontier

  • Posted on: 10 June 2012
  • By: admin

Since we started buying electronic appliances for our home, we have been thinking of ways to get our appliances connected and talking to each other.  Even though the technology was there, it was very complicated, thus only ardent enthusiasts were able to achieve this feat.  Fast-forward five years and home automation has come a long way to what has evolved into the “connected home”.

Today every consumer electronics manufacturer is talking about the connected home. They are offering more solutions that are simpler to setup and use. Manufacturers are forming alliances and establishing standards to make it easier for different home automation solutions to work together.

Research Points to the connected Home Potential
Companies are announcing larger sales figure of connected home-related devices compare to previous year. Research consultancies are publishing new reports every week predicting high levels of shipment and high market worth of connected home sector.  According to Intellect, the UK’s connected home market is predicted to worth £3bn within the next five years. According to Pike Research the smart appliances global market will worth over $26 by 2019.

The connected home has Government backing
Connected home technologies such as smart meters and smart grid have received government backing. In Europe alone there are over 20 government part-funded smart grid projects and according to Pike Research smart meter deployment is predicted to reach 238 million by 2020. With both technologies (smart grid and smart meter), governments have realised that we can better manage our energy use through better monitoring and proactive about it distribution. The connected home industry is going a bit further by making their appliances grid aware that they can save energy and money.

The connected home is a un-top market
The connected home is still and un-top market. For many years, connected home solutions were only available to the super rich and those with the technical knowhow (with degrees in engineering). Today CE Manufacturers have become aware of the potential of the connected home in terms of its revenue.
There is a Need for Flexibility and Connectivity
With the rise of social networks, cloud services and mobile TV, we changing the way we see our home appliances, we now need our devices connected at all times and work around us, according to Motorola. Manufacturers are making big promises about the possibilities of the jetsons’ life style. The Motorola Barometer study also found that more than before there is greater demand for connected home services.

The Technology is here
There is no doubt that the technology to support the connected life style is here, the technology now has its own techzone at CES.  Telecoms such as Verizon, AT&T and Swisscom have all launch services, that allow you to connect and manage your home appliances and environment. Unlike before today there are specialist solution providers like Control4, Motorola Mobility along with many more.