Accenture and Siemens Form Smart Grid Solutions Group Omnetric

  • Posted on: 19 October 2013
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

accentureAccenture and Siemens have decided to create a one-stop shop for utilities and the smart grid sector. Both companies are joining forces to form the Omnetric Group, a company providing solutions and services around data management and system integration. Siemens will combine its smart grid products and solutions with Accenture’s management and technology consulting, systems integration and managed-services capabilities.

Before, both businesses would bid for contract as a partnership or as separate entities offering their individual services. According to Jan Mrosik, CEO of Siemens, combining the strength of both companies will enable Omnetric to deliver the highest level of expertise and execution to the global utility market.

Accenture is a very active player in the smart grid sector winning contracts on major projects around the world. According to reports, its smart grid practice area has been one of the firm's fastest growing areas over the past few years. IDC Energy Insight, in June, positioned Accenture as a leader in providing professional services to utility companies in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Accenture today works with 75 percent of utility companies included in the Fortune Global 500.

Mrosik noted that going forward utilities could improve their overall grid reliability and move closer to achieving real-time grid control, by integrating their operational and information technology systems. “We believe that no company will be able to help manage this integration better than Omnetric Group, which will draw from the very best industry know-how and IT experience.”

“Utilities are seeking ways to increase capital effectiveness and reduce their costs of operations while integrating new technologies such as distributed renewable generation and electric vehicles into their electricity networks. Doing so requires an enterprise view of systems and data through the integration of traditional IT solutions with the operational solutions required to manage the grid,” said Jack Azagury, global managing director for Accenture Smart Grid Services. “Omnetric Group will be uniquely positioned to help utilities realize the benefits of this IT and OT ‘convergence,’ which is a critical step toward managing an increasingly complex and data-driven utility.”

With both companies, having extensive experience in the utility sector and expertise in IT and operational technology Omnetric will already have a strong foundation to compete. The operation of Omnetric Group will depend on regulatory approval; now, I cannot see any reason for this not to happen.