Amdocs Offers Service Providers Cloud-Based eHealth Solutions

  • Posted on: 1 November 2012
  • By: chw staff

Amdocs has launch two eHealth solutions at this year’s 4G World. The cloud based solutions targets service providers who want to enter the ehealth market, by providing in-house management and monitoring of the elderly and chronically ill. Both solutions “Home Health monitoring” and “Aging in Place” help healthcare providers and government to reduce the cost of healthcare by allowing easy access to patients and family members that don’t need to be in hospital.

The solutions are pre-integrated with Amdocs Connected Home solution, a cloud-based offering that provides a rich suite of digital lifestyle home services allowing service providers to expand into other home services  such as security, automation, energy, multimedia.

Home Health monitoring” and “Aging in Place” are device- and protocol-agnostic, enabling capable health accessories to relay data to smartphones, tablets or other home gateway equipment, which then sends the collected data to the Amdocs cloud.

  • Amdocs Home Health Monitoring: Provides a secure portal for patients and doctors/care practitioners that can be accessed from remote monitoring centers. Amdocs Home Health Monitoring can monitor multiple chronic diseases, collect personal health records, analyze patients' home test results and send necessary alerts to healthcare practitioners.
  • Amdocs' solution for Aging in Place: Allows service providers to offer a secure, web-based monitoring solution for the elderly, giving relatives and other care givers remote access to monitoring devices to help the elderly live independently, longer. By combining readily-available third-party products such as monitor cameras, panic buttons, door locks, motion sensors and smoke detectors with healthcare accessories, such as pill dispensers, weight scales, blood pressure readers, glucose monitors for diabetes and fall detection systems, Amdocs' solution for Aging in Place delivers a full remote monitoring solution for the elderly.

"These new Amdocs eHealth solutions reflect the growing importance of cloud-based services and Amdocs' innovation in this area. Offered as SaaS (Software as a Service), these solutions enable service providers to benefit from fast time-to-market and cost efficiencies," said Rebecca Prudhomme, vice president for product and solutions marketing at Amdocs.