AT&T is Developing Home Energy Management Solution

  • Posted on: 21 November 2011
  • By: chw staff

AT&T has decided to get in on the home energy management action by indicating that they will be launching their own home energy management platform in the near future.  Jeffery Dygert, the company’s Executive Director of Public Policy broke the news during a panel discussion on the Broadband Breakfast Club; moderated by GigaoM reporter Katie Fehrenbacher. Jeffery said they want to offer the solution so that its customers can get more information about the energy they use within the home.

Jeffery did not give any time when the public can expect the service only that AT&T is in the process of developing it and its fixed-line and wireless customer are its target customers.  So far this year four telecom operators have either gone down the home monitoring and energy management route or announce plans to; Verizon for the US, Rogers Cable of Canada, Swisscom of Switzerland now AT&T.

Apparently AT&T has been working on this solution for sometime with the acquisition Xanboo, a connected home solutions company.  No names of technology partners were mentioned, but one can assume they might choose providers that are implementing the solution elsewhere; that include those that were working with Xanboo, Motorola 4Home, iControl or others.