Cable & Wireless and Current to Offer "PRIME" Smart Metering and Smart Grid Solutions

  • Posted on: 14 December 2010
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

Cable & Wireless worldwide has partnered with the Current Group to develop smart metering and smart grid solution for UK utility companies. In a deal similar to AT&T and Elster and others in the US, Cable&Wireless will combine its networking solutions with Current’s smart sensors, smart meter data collection and analysis software to offer utilities an end-to-end smart grid solution.

According to both companies, the solutions are to help utilities to improve efficiency and achieve the goals of the UK Government’s Low Carbon Economy and National Smart Metering Programme.  The solution will be built to integrate with the open and interoperable “PRIME” metering standard that uses existing electrical wires to communicate with smart meters via powerline carrier communication technology.

PRIME is being adopted by a number of European utilities, enables utility companies to save on the cost of communicating to individual meters and provides them with additional smart grid capabilities that are not available with wireless meter technologies.

Cable& Wireless’s Strategic Business Development Director, Amy Cooke believes the partnership with Current well create flexible solutions whether it’s wired, wireless and for different geographies.

“We have combined PRIME metering and our grid sensing solution with secure communications from C&W Worldwide into one low cost solution. This will allow the UK to leverage its metering investment to build a smart grid and thus achieve its carbon goals faster and at a lower cost. In addition, PRIME metering will provide a low cost metering solution to households in the UK who may otherwise not get access to a smart meter," said Tom Casey, Current Group Chief Executive Officer.