Camelot Wants Part of $145 billion Living Room Appliance Market

  • Posted on: 20 June 2013
  • By: chw staff

The global living room device market it said to worth $145 billion, it is also expected to reach $226 billion by 2015, according to BCC Research. The possible increase in revenue for Camelot Entertainment has tempted the group to refocus its production and distribution business. The company is in the process of making several changes that it hopes will enable it to take advantage of the rapidly changing marketplace in the financial sector and in the film industry.

Recorded DVD and video industry will comprise over $56 billion of the total market this year, with sell-through representing 72% of the overall market. The Video-on-Demand ("VOD") market is in its 11th year of consecutive growth. Today the US Market alone exceeds $18 Million, according to The DEG.

Spending on Blue-Ray increased 10% while consumers increasingly purchased home entertainment through electronic sell through ("EST"), which jumped 35% in 2012. Analysts are predicting a change in how we consume digital content; influence by the sale of connected devices and the strength of the internet we are opting to download our content as and when needed.

“As the industry continues to shift to downloading, renting and streaming titles through the internet, the demand for independent production and distribution at lower price points provides unique opportunities for small companies like Camelot, which have the flexibility to adjust to the rapidly changing marketplace and meet consumer demand.”