Cisco Introduces Smart Home Energy Management Solutions

  • Posted on: 8 August 2010
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

ciscoCisco has added a new set of home energy management solutions to its recently introduced connected grid.  The new solutions are to help households’ better monitor and manage their energy consumption.  The Home Energy Controller (HEC) features easy to use and access countertop LCD touchscreen display.  From here users are kept up to date with information for them to make informed decisions.

Devices such as intelligent sockets and thermostat can be controlled from the HEC.  The controller supports a wide variety of networking protocols such as Zigbee, Encoder Receiver Technology (ERT) and Wi-Fi for easy integration into a whole home control infrastructure.

Utilities stand to benefit greatly from these new solutions.  The Cisco Home Energy management solution was design and developed to integrate with the growing Smart Grid infrastructure.  In providing their customers with the tools to manage their home energy; suppliers will benefit from the easy follow of information between them and the customer, enabling utilities to better plan for the changing needs of their customers.