Connect Your Home Appliances with Fugoo

  • Posted on: 24 March 2009
  • By: chw staff

The connected home has a new entrant that promises a new approach to communicating with all the appliances in your home – from your Microwave to your refrigerator, any thing with a computer inside it.  The Fugoo team hope to start shipping the Fugoo device this summer, for a retail price of $99.

The Fugoo device is small brick-size device (see photo).  That will connect to your home appliances so that they can be access from the internet.  Fugoo has it own processor and is powered by Microsoft Fortune (MSFT, Fortune 500) operating system.

the fugoo device

The Fugoo start-up is back by “Microsoft says it is licensing its operating system to Fugoo for a song in an effort to get the product off the ground”. With Microsoft onboard the company is hoping other software house and manufacturer will come onboard. Without the manufacturers and developers support the Fugoo device will have difficulty finding appliances to connect to.