Control4 Lounches Connected Home Touch Screen Solution InfinityEdge

  • Posted on: 11 August 2010
  • By: chw staff

InfinityEdgeControl4 has unveiled a new product in its range of home control systems, which will put home control at your finger tip. The new in-wall touch screen solution is called Control4 InfinityEdge Touch Screen.  With variable connection and powered options and intercom capability, the InfinityEdge is an ideal solution for those renovating or building a new home.

The InfinityEdge Touch Screen comes in two screen sizes 5-inch and 7-inch, with edge-to-edge capacitive glass (prices are $599 and $899 respectively). The intercom feature comes at an additional cost of $499.  According to Will West, Control4 CEO, “We’re bringing the elegant InfinityEdge line of in-wall touch screens to market at prices that are unheard of in the custom residential industry.”
EnfinityEdge features a newly developed Flash-based user interface for easy and interactive control of your lighting, climate, entertainment, music and security system. There are four programmable buttons for customized commands and the ability to access and extend Control4 system capability with Apps from the 4Store Application Market place.

“InfinityEdge touch screens were designed with Control4 dealers in mind: electricians can pre-wire the back-boxes in new construction and dealers can install the touch screens with one connection at project finish,” said Control4. “This introduction supports our vision to provide affordable home control solutions that will allow home owners to access their Control4 system from virtually every room in the house,” added Will West.

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