Crestron Shipping Prodigy Systems: PMC3 and PMC3-XP

  • Posted on: 17 February 2011
  • By: chw staff

Crestron has announced that they are now shipping their next generation of Prodigy control systems, the PMC3 and PMC3-XP. An upgrade from the PMC2 the new models especially the PMC3-XP controls even more devices in the home. These new models even make it the first time that Prodigy can support the full Crestron product line, creating even more possibilities for the connected home. The PMC3 range allows home owners to start their home automation with simple home audio and wireless lighting control and grow the system later if they wish.


The Prodigy PMC3 and PMC3-XP, said Fred Bargetzi, Crestron Vice President of Technology “are much more than just new control systems, they’re the future of affordable integrated home automation, with the power and flexibility to control the whole home locally and remotely.” In addition to the additional functionalities the PMC3 and PMC3-XP are more scalable; they have received more processing power, speed and memory.

Multiple Prodigy systems can be interconnected throughout the house to control more systems and devices than was previously possible. It features a dynamic on-screen display (OSD) that extends control to the television, where a custom interface guides homeowners through control of AV, lighting/shades, HVAC and all other connected systems.

“The XP model also offers a seamless upgrade path to the full Crestron line, giving homeowners the flexibility to start simple then expand to the unlimited possibilities of Crestron home control on their own terms, when they’re ready,” dded Bargetzi.