Ericsson Enters Domestic Market with Connected Home Gateway

  • Posted on: 14 February 2009
  • By: chw staff

Ericsson announced the release of its Connected Home Gateway software.  The new system will be demonstrated at this year Mobile World Congress in Spain.  The new connected home gateway multimedia software will provide a single entry point for telephone, IPTV and other multimedia systems.

Ericsson said the Connected Home Gateway is compliant with major telecom and consumer electronic standard such as IMS, Open IPTV Forum and the Digital Network Alliance.

According to Ericsson, being compliant allows interoperability and ease of use between a wide range of commercially available devices. The new range of enriched services can therefore be launched quickly, without the expense and inconvenience of developing specialized devices.

Users of the connected home gateway will be able to interact with equipment in their home from anywhere.  Using your mobile phone or laptop you can communicate directly with your home computer, TV, and other media systems; so your home system is never more than a touch away.

Jan Warely, Senior Vice President and Head of Ericsson’s Multimedia Business, says: “The Connected Home Gateway brings simplicity and gives users true control of their everyday communication and media services.  It meets a market need, allowing operator to expand their customer base and generate revenue.”

The Connected Home Gateway is one of many systems we see coming on the market at the moment – offering the public easier access to their digital home systems. Last month Cisco announced a new product range for the digital/connected home market.  From sign of things 2009 will see a lot more offerings for the connected home.