Google Moves Into the Connected Home with Android@Home

  • Posted on: 12 May 2011
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

Having Android in our home appliances has been in development for some time, by the MIPs Android Community.  However, this week at the Google IO developers conference in San Francisco they announced the Google@Home initiative, which means Google has put its force behind putting the Android platform into our everyday appliances.

Most of us are only familiar with Android as a smartphone and tablet OS (operating system) but this is slowly changing.  Android is now in our televisions and set-top box, and Google said with the new Android@Home developers will be able to create smartphone and tablet apps that can control microwaves, lights, thermostats and dishwashers.

From a search company Google is now into energy management, mobile phones, televisions and their own browser. At the show Google also showed off a new Android based home theatre system called “ Project Tungsten”. Although this may seem exciting the full solution is a while off, because it needs buy-in from other CE device manufacturer; some of whom are already developing their own platform.

The vision behind Android@Home is to make Android the heart of the connected home, having it control all our electronic devices.  A lot of its practical application is already available in part by other systems. Google plan is for Android to start with our hand held devices and work with CE partners to move it into our everyday appliances then have it networked and control everything.