GridNet & Sprint To Offer 4G For Smart Grid and Smart Home

  • Posted on: 14 September 2010
  • By: chw staff

GridNetGridNet is to incorporate wireless Smart Grid technology into its existing host of Smart Grid applications.  The company announced that they will explore embedded WiMAX connectivity into Smart Meters and Smart Grid Routers with Sprint, which will allow Sprint to offer the transfer of Smart Meter information wirelessly across its 4G network.  The solution will allow utility companies to get real-time information for their grid infrastructure and Smart Home owners with Smart Meters to securely and accurately send information.

Being the first and only national carrier of 4G in the U.S. made Sprint the obvious partner for this solutions. “This collaboration with Grid Net underscores our commitment to developing the smart grid,” said Wayne Ward, vice president of the Emerging Solutions Group.

The GridNet suite of software solutions is a real-time, IP-based system that has at its core the PolicyNet Smart Grid Network Management, which works within the supplier’s infrastructure to coordinate the other applications.  These are the Smart Network Operating System™ (SmartNOS) and PolicyNet SmartAgent™ firmware, which runs embedded on smart meter devices, provides secure, policy-based intelligence, monitoring, reporting, and control for real-time, advanced smart grid management.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Sprint, as it will accelerate the availability of truly secure, scalable, reliable, standards-based Smart Grid and Smart Home solutions for utilities and end-customers,” said Ray Bell, Founder and CEO at Grid Net.