Hitachi and Panasonic To Collaborate On Smart Grid Solutions

  • Posted on: 28 September 2010
  • By: chw staff

In an effort to help and reduce the level of Carbon in the environment Hitachi and Panasonic are to join their respective technological knowhow to create products for the smart grid sector.  Both companies will jointly develop products and standardisation initiative within the smart grid community. The agreement is both companies are to establish a cooperative relationship in the smart community-related business in the global market with a goal of helping to realise a low-carbon society.

The collaboration will based around Hitachi’s Community Energy Management Systems (CEMS) and Panasonic’s Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) both companies will share access method between solutions and marketing information.

Hitachi has already setup a business initiative geared at servicing issues around CEMS and HEMS related needs.  They are already involved in the Tiajin Eco-City project, where they are providing environmental technologies and solutions.  In April of this year Hitachi setup the Smart City Business Management Division.  This division is currently involved in field trials and large-scale eco-city projects in Japan and elsewhere.

Panasonic has also setup a similar business division for promoting energy solution business.  The division is geared at delivering energy solutions and creating products that save, create and store energy.  They have already begun developing HEMS in Japan and have begun Smart Grid pilot testing in Europe with other partners.