Insteon Introduced Remote Control LED Light Bulb

  • Posted on: 9 July 2012
  • By: chw staff

Are you tired of having to get-up to turn off or dim your lights? According to INSTEON, they have introduced a for networked remote control dimmable LED light bulb, that you can control from your phone or tablet.  The 8 Watt (60W) bulb when paired with the free INSTEON’s SmartLinc Hub app turns an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet into a fully functioning remote control of the bulb.

The INSTEON award-winning technology bulb is fully dimmable and can be added to any number of scenes to create custom lighting at the touch of a button.  When paired with the free INSTEON app, the SmartLinc Hub turns an iOS/Android smartphone or tablet into a fully functioning remote control of the bulb or an entire INSTEON network.

The INSTEON LED Bulb is the latest addition to the INSTEON product family, built upon the best-selling SmartLinc Hub. Just like other INSTEON devices, the bulb acts as a network signal repeater and sends signals over both radio frequencies and a the home’s existing powerline.

According to INSTEON, the installation and setup process is simple and eliminates the need for custom wiring.  Plug-in modules and in-wall switches make it possible to add wireless control to any appliance in a home without having to hire a contractor.

The INSTEON LED Bulb retails for $29.99.