Intamac Adds Wireless Access To Connected Home Platform

  • Posted on: 26 January 2011
  • By: chw staff

Intamac Systems has upgraded its home monitoring solution to include truly wireless home access to the home to monitor their Intamac system. The upgrade also provides a simple way for mobile operators to enter the connected home market, and to provide their customers with a range of new added value services. Before, customers needing the service would need to have a broadband connection within their homes in order to access Intamac web-based service portal.

The Intamac connected home solution is a cloud-based platform and is provided through third party operators wanting to offer their connected home services. The Intamac platform employs open standards that with API that allows third parties to rebrand and integrated in their own solutions. Services available through the Intamac platform include Home Security, Home Automation, Smart Energy, Telecare, Remote Control and View, and IP based surveillance solution.

Customers needing the service are given the connected home control hub (with accessories) that has an option for a SIM card, enabling wireless communication to Intamacs cloud-based monitoring platform, or they could plug the hub directly into the home LAN and transmit data through the broadband router.

Intamac said they are working with leading telecom providers such as Alctel-Lucent and the ng Connect Program (which they are a member of), which highlight their commitment to offer their solution through the latest best mobile solutions such as 4G and LTE networks.