Introducing Niko’s Wave Control Switch ‘Mysterious’

  • Posted on: 28 October 2010
  • By: chw staff

Niko has launched a switch which allows users to turn lights on and off without touching it, something similar to what you find in toilets except this one you can install throughout the your home.  The switch is called ‘Mysterious wave control’ which is activated by waving a hand close by. The home automation gadget has been the recipient of the Reddot Design Award.

The switches do not have to be touched to turn the light on or off, but are activated by waving. At a distance of 50cm, the switch edges light up and a wave within 10cm of the switch will activate it.

This technology has already been proven in applications including alarm systems and movement detectors in cars. There are five products in the Mysterious range: Mysterious wave control, Mysterious push button, Mysterious socket outlet, Mysterious orientation lighting and Mysterious media connections.

Niko ( has added approach sensors to this technology, so that switches recognise when somebody is close by, when somebody is close by are activated with a wave.

Niko is already planning to extend the use of this technology to its other home automation applications, such as light dimmers, and its controls for blinds and shutters.

source: avinteractive