Introducing Nod, The Gesture Control Wearable Ring (Video)

  • Posted on: 29 April 2014
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

It is quite ironic that Nod has nothing to do with your head but its meant to use on your finger as a gesture control device. Developed by a company with the same name, Nod allows you to control your home appliances with the simple gesture movement of your hand; similar to those you would use when playing an Xbox or Wii game. The Nods tuchless capability allows you to interact with TV via your set-top box to control whats on your screen.

nod ring

How Does Nod Work?
Nod will work with a number of devices and platforms. It supports Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac and Google Android. At its released today at The Cable Show, there were out of the box support for connected home solution such as Nest, Hue, WeMo and GoPro.

How and Where to get a Nod
Planning on getting your hands on a Nod ring? For $149 you can pre-order now to get yours in Autumn. Currently is available in in black, with the possibility of more colours in the future, Nod they are exploring more colour options. The battery life is 24 hours of active use and it can be charged with the included box charger via a wall outlet or microUSB.

What’s Inside the Nod
Built on Broadcom’s Bluetooth SMART technology and Nexus-Trellis software the Nod ring can detect spatial motion with more than 0.1mm accuracy point to capture your intent precisely.

What Nod Inc. Said
“Nod’s technology builds on the inherently human behavior of pointing—but aims to eliminate the archaic ways we interact with our home technology,” said Anush Elangovan, CEO, Nod Labs. “Our initial product offering, a wearable ring called Nod, is the first step in enabling consumers to experience more seamless and natural interaction with the most-used devices in their home.