IronGate Began Beta Testing of Home Security Solution, iHomeDefender

  • Posted on: 24 May 2012
  • By: chw staff

IronGate Security Networks is developing a new manage security solution for the home, called iHomeDefender.  iHomeDefender will help to protect customers from treat in accessing social media  sites, online gaming, chat room and general browsing and unlike other home security solution iHomeDefender offers a hands free installation said ironGate.

According to IronGate, all system configuration and user set-up are done by them and there are no per client license limits. iHomeDefender will check and update itself every six hours against internet treat such as viruses, worms, trojans and adware.

iHomeDefender utilizes the latest in security hardware firewall technology normally reserved for corporate network. Unlike software firewalls solutions that only protect the PC they are installed on, iHomeDefender inspects data packets as it enters the home-internet gateway. This  means that every web-enabled device in the home is protected.

iHomeDefender can be configured to block internet access for certain time of the day, block certain categories of website (70+) and individual website permanently or for certain time of the day. All this can be done on a per child basis.

“Most parents are not network administrators, nor are they security experts,” said Ron Brahy, Director, Web Systems at the company. “With IronGate Security Networks, a parent can have total security and complete control of their home network without having to be a PhD in Computer Science.”

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