LG Uplus IoT Platform Selected for Residential Homes

  • Posted on: 25 June 2018
  • By: chw staff

LG Uplus, a subsidiary of LG announced that Korea based Ushin General Construction has selected LG Uplus’s IoT @home platform for the Class Apartments in Geumwang Wooshin, South Korea. The LG Uplus apps will be integrated in different services within the home, allowing residents to use connected home appliances such as heating and cooling, lighting and gas control, unmanned delivery services, energy usage checks and parking controls.

"The IoT technology that LG Uplus apply to apartments will increase the safety and convenience of residents." said Ryu Chang-soo, executive director of LG Uplus IoT customer department. "We will continue to work with construction companies and home appliance manufacturers to establish IoT apartments that satisfy residents."

LG Uplus said it rapidly expanding its home IoT and AI IoT infrastructures in the housing construction market by making business agreements with about 80 construction partners. A similar move was announced by Samsung C&T. IoT platform providers have decided to start working with developers to get their solutions into the public hands.  The partnership will start with 1,664 households in Geumwang Wooshin Rieon Class apartments at Eumseong district, North Chungcheong Province.

Features and Funtions of LG Plus

Energy Conservation

  • Monitor power consumption in real time and restrict excess usage.
  • Shut down home electronics on standby mode when not in use.
  • Monitor electronic devices being used in real time.


  • Alarms sound during break-in and security guards dispatch to your home.
  • During extended stays away from home, turn lights and electronics on and off to deter robberies.
  • Control gas valves remotely to prevent fires.


  • Control power to home lights via smartphone app or voice command.
  • Control home electronics simultaneously via outing and return modes.
  • Control heating and cooling systems to individualized settings before arriving home.