Netgear has got our Home Media Storage, Internet Access and Connectivity Covered

  • Posted on: 28 February 2010
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

At last month CE Show in Las Vegas Netgear demonstrated how they have grown with consumers demand for flexibility and their uniqueness to consume rich media content.  Netgear has shown that whether we need gadgets for:  rich content streaming, home media storage, internet access or connectivity within the home, they have got all bases covered.

Rich Media Steaming
One of the big thing in consumer electronics at the moment is media streaming/media player, this is due to an explosion in on-demand content via the internet.  There is also the knock on effect in the type of devices we using to store our music, videos and photos. Netgear’s answer to this was the release of the Digital Entertainer range, with the latest being the Digital Entertainer Express.

The Digital Entertainer Express is an addition to the Digital Entertainer Elite (EVA9150) and the Digital Entertainer Live (EVA2000), a family of internet-connected set-top boxes and media players.  Digital Entertainer Express is a powerful and flexible digital media player that enables you to easily enjoy and seamlessly steam personal digital media collection and internet content over the network to a high definition television. It plays MP3, multichannel WAV and FLAC files and high-resolution digital photos from PCs, Macs or Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, such as Netgear Stora.

Netgear has developed many connectivity products for home networking.  The latest being the Netgear MBRN330 3G mobile broadband router, a joint partnership between then and Ericsson.  They are also active in the Homeplug AV market, a growing area within the connected home market; they have recently released the Powerline 200 AV Kit, a Powerline Ethernet solution that allow you to network your home appliances by transferring data through your power socket. 

At CE Show they release the Netgear Stora, comprehensive home network storage to host all your music, movies, photos and data.  Through the Stora you can share your digital photo album with family and friends via the web, as easy as dragging and dropping your photo on Facebook.  The Stora offers an auto backup feature that you can access from both Mac and PC.  If you have two disks the Stora can make an exact copy of one disk and store it on the other disk, in a feature called RAID. You can store and access your data from a wide range of devices including media players, iTunes, Macs, UNIX/Linux, PS3, Windows PCs, Xbox 360 and compatible TVs.