PlanIT and Milligan To Make London City Airport Smart

  • Posted on: 26 March 2013
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

Many of us will know or remember PlanIT from their involvement in the smart city project in Portugal. They have now joined up with Milligan, a retail developer as part of a consortium to redevelop London City Airport.  Milligan in partnership with PlanIT hopes to transform City Airport to what they call “Smart Airport Experience” with PlanIT Urban Operating System (UOS) at the heart of it passengers will be able to interact more with the airport and its services.

The project is a unique one in that it will bring everyone to the table to help develop a modern airport, one that is more nternet aware. According to PlanIT the project will demonstrate the exciting possibilities of the “Internet of Things” and make a strategic contribution to the industrialisation of the internet.

The project will allow the airport to actively communication with passengers through personalised and tailored real time communications; example enhanced retail and food services, rewards for frequent travellers.  With advanced operational information the airport will be able to identify, acknowledge and engage with frequent-flyers in particular through active and inttelligent relationship management system.

Services and applications develop will integrate with the UOS to provide benefit airport operators, airlines, passengers, retailers and transport providers.  This same group will benefit from understanding customers’ needs better without compromising customers’ privacy.

Other partner involve in the project include Philips, IBM, Springboard, SITA, Hitachi and SITC.