Qualcomm Life Platforms Accelerate Connected Health Solutions

  • Posted on: 13 December 2013
  • By: chw staff

Qualcomm Life, a division of Qualcomm has been collaborating with health solution providers to develop a number of connected health solutions. Leveraging Qualcomm Life’s 2net and HealthyCircles wireless platform; WebMD, AHA (American Heart Association) and BioScrip, plus more than 35 other solution providers have developed solutions that seamlessly capture, transfer and share health data between the home and hospital.

The AHA used both 2net and HealthyCircle as part of their new Connected Heart Health initiative, a service the AHA is using to improve care coordination and outcomes for post-acute cardiovascular and stroke care. Nancy Brown, the CEO of AHA said their aim is to improve population health and reduce costly readmission rates.

Connected Heart Health is one of the industry’s first comprehensive data connectivity management and care coordination solutions that bridges the gap between patients and providers to better inform care decisions.

iMPak is also using 2net as part of its medication management system, Kraken. Designed to assist in organizing and tracking complex, multi-pill daily regimens, it will track and upload patients’ data to their care team.

WebMD, BioScrip and the MedStar Institute for Innovation are leveraging Qualcomm Life’s technology to offer innovative solutions addressing three key impact zones in the shifting health care landscape:

  • Preventive care: WebMD and Qualcomm Life are working together to make biometric data available, actionable and relevant to millions of consumers through WebMD’s existing flagship mobile app so they can more proactively manage their health and fitness. The WebMD app will deliver personalized health content and offer consumers access to best-in-class sensors and devices for a range of medical conditions, directly within their mobile app. WebMD is previewing the forthcoming app functionality in the Qualcomm Life booth.
  • Transitional care: BioScrip’s myBioScrip.com connected health platform, powered by HealthyCircles, is streamlining processes among clinical teams to extend quality and affordable patient care beyond the hospital setting and reduce hospital readmissions.
  • Complex care: The MedStar Institute for Innovation (MI2) is integrating the 2net Platform and Hub into its remote patient monitoring solution and CareTablet virtual visit solution, enabling patients to conveniently manage their chronic conditions and securely share meaningful data with members of their care team.