Siemens Wins The 2011 eMeter Best Time to Value Award

  • Posted on: 13 May 2011
  • By: chw staff

eMeter Corporation, a leader in Smart Grid management software, announced that Siemens Energy is the recipient of eMeter's 2011 Best Time to Value Award. eMeter announced Siemens' award at the 2011 eMeter Leadership Conference, that took place at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. The conference brings together industry leaders in smart meter data management to discuss current trends and best practices, share ideas and experiences, and connect with like-minded professionals.

eMeter recognized Siemens for its work as an eMeter partner to enable Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative of Bastrop, Texas to roll out the eMeter Energy Engage customer web portal. Siemens' substantial and swift implementation of Smart Grid technology allowed Bluebonnet to recognize very quick time to value, in fewer than six months.

Siemens was pivotal in allowing Bluebonnet to provide members with the information necessary to better understand and control energy usage and electric bills. Siemens' efforts also helped create a "meter-to-bill" solution, capitalizing on the eMeter EnergyIP Meter Data Management System (MDMS).

Siemens also partners with Bluebonnet to configure and manage all applications and system integration aspects for their Smart Grid.  

"We are proud of the enhanced productivity and operational benefits Bluebonnet has experienced with our rapid implementations, which helps them keep pace with consumers' expectations," said Paul Camuti, president, Smart Grid Applications, Siemens Energy. "Today's energy consumer now expects utilities to engage them around energy usage and that is what makes our work with Bluebonnet so compelling– we allowed for deep member engagement in a very short period of time, with our implementation occurring in a matter of months."

"As a global leader, Siemens realizes that utilities must be agile in responding to constituent and societal energy needs," said Gary Bloom, CEO of eMeter. "For this reason, they are being given our 2011 Best Time to Value award as they have enabled Bluebonnet to deploy eMeter to engage consumers—via a technology deployment that occurred in an almost unparalleled timeframe."