ST and SoftAtHome Collaborate on Content Streaming Solution

  • Posted on: 20 March 2013
  • By: chw staff

ST Microelectronics and SoftAtHome have collaborated to develop a client server solution that allows Service Providers to stream content to multiple devices at the sametime.  The solution is built on ST’s STiH205 and STiH416 chipset integrated with SoftAtHome software platform for management and control using the STiH205.

Using the STiH205 the solution allows for entry-level client such as a mini-box or HDMI dongle connected to a seconday television or PC.  The STiH416 system-on-chip solution is the world’s highest performing set-top box chipset.  It is used to power the server/gateway, it supports high speed decoding and transcoding to deliver outstanding user experiences to any home client device.

The softATHome software platform enables operator services to present a consistent look and feel across multiple screens.  The platform support for CPE management enables the best of PayTV and OTT (over-the-top) services to be merged into a unified service provider experience on any connected screen.

“This approach, combining ST’s set-top box SoCs with SoftAtHome’s software platform, gives operators greater control over service delivery and quality while helping retain customers an dbuild revenue, and will allow subscribers to connect more screens throughout the home using low-cost devices such as mini-boxes and dongles”, said Laurent Remont of STMicroelectronics.