Etisalat Selected SoftAtHome and Huawei End-to-End IPTV Solution

  • Posted on: 8 September 2011
  • By: chw staff

Etisalat has selected SoftAtHome and Huawei jointly developed turnkey end-to-end IPTV solution. The solution combines SoftAtHome client software platform SoftAtHome Operating Platform (SOP) together with Huawei turnkey end‐to‐end IPTV, OTT and Hybrid video solutions.  The solution is aimed at Operators to help them quickly deploy services for the Digital Home. Etisalat will use it to deploy its new multi-play service ‘eLife’.

Etisalat, is the largest operator in the Arab world with headquartered in the UAE. The eLife service is currently being deployed across the <UAE> and will include IPTV, Video on Demand (VoD), Programing Guide, Personal Video Recording (PVR), Internet TV, Over the Top content, social media applications, games, media sharing and broadband access.  Other countries soon the get the eLife service includes Egypt and Pakistan.

The jointly developed platform offers the best from booth SoftAtHome and Huawei. With SoftAtHome Operating Platform (SOP) service providers and 3rd party developers can use HTML or Flash to combine services such as voice, security, network access, video, user interface, connectivity or management.  Huawei’s Unified TV solutions combine advanced features such as fast channel change, messaging on TV, start over, hybrid IP/DVBx services with integrated user experience, and Multiscreen TV and OTT services and an application store.

Along with the traditional IPTV services such as live HD TV, Video On Demand (VOD), Electronic Program Guide (EPG), catch up TV, Personal Video Recorder (PVR) and Time‐shifting, the combined solution offers OTT services, application store capabilities, messaging, remote PVR scheduling, 3D interfaces, multi‐streams, Picture in Picture (PiP), start over, automated scheduled recordings, caller ID, content sharing using and follow me.

The combined solution works today on STB (Set-Top Box) from multiple vendors including Huawei, Airties, Kaon, Humax and Pace, enabling Service Providers to select their choice of hardware today and in the future.