FreeWave Highlights Wireless Data Radio Applications for the Smart Grid at DistrubTECH 2012

  • Posted on: 25 January 2012
  • By: chw staff

FreeWave Technologies, a manufacturer of high-performance spread spectrum and licensed radios for critical data transmission, will showcase its technologies for a variety of communication applications in the Smart Grid section at DistribuTECH Conference and Exposition. Smart Grid applications that FreeWave solutions enable include transformer monitoring, AMI backhaul, substation automation, demand response, capacitor bank control monitoring, fault detection and isolation, Volt / VAR optimization and distribution automation.

"What separates us from more traditional wired communication solutions is a significant cost saving in both installation and over the lifetime of use, while maintaining secure and dependable data transmission", said Ashish Sharma, chief marketing officer at FreeWave Technologies. "Wireless is becoming recognized as a sustainable option for Smart Grid applications in particular, and FreeWave's radios have a legacy of offering the greatest reliability and flexibility in the industry."

FreeWave's industrial radios are trusted by top government and defense contractors to operate in extremely remote locations with high RF noise, making them a viable option for many Smart Grid applications, such as transformer monitoring. By monitoring critical data, including pressure, temperature and oil levels on a real-time basis, a utility is better equipped to mitigate transformer issues before failure.

With an effective system in place, a utility can dramatically decrease the incidents that cause power outages, costly damages and dangerous explosions. The ability to automate and monitor key processes in the Smart Grid helps ensure efficient and effective delivery of power, while offering a cost-effective solution to the utilities.